Club Reports – Donegal 2019

The clubs activities started in July with a most enjoyable trip to many of the leading flocks within the breed Ballynacannon ,Crewelands, Donrho and Limestone .Many thanks to all for their outstanding hospitality and the excellent display of sheep on offer.

Donegal continues to be a stronghold for Irish Suffolks and 2019 was no exception and we congratulate our club members on their success throughout the year.

A trio of breeders made the long journey south to the National Sheep Championships in Kilkenny. Seamus Browne, Richard Thompson and Ronan McLaughlin all had a successful trip,  with Richard Thompson winning the Novice Ram Lamb class and Ronan McLaughlin winning the Novice Ewe Lamb class.

Stirling Sale

Club members Andrew Wilson and Ronan McLaughlin had an extremely successful sale with Andrew’s pen of 6 lambs selling to a top of £21,000gns and achieving the top average of £12,232, whilst Ronan a first time exhibitor sold to a top of £4200gns.

Blessington Premier

Another successful sale for Donegal breeders, with Richard Wilson’s ram lamb winning the gigot class and then going on to take the overall Champion which sold for €2310 ,whilst Ronan McLaughlin’s strong ram lamb winning the Novice class and later sold for €2940 . Other leading prices from Donegal breeders include:

Darragh McMenamin €2730

Richard Wilson €2625

AJ &JA Lucas €2310

AJ &JA Lucas €2310

Raphoe Premier

Our Premier sale this year was judged this year by Mr Philip Gurney Oakbridge flock, and he chose a strong ram lamb from the Finn Vale flock of Messr’s Lucas as his Champion, with J A Doherty in Reserve. The pairs was won by J A Doherty. Leading prices on the night were J A Doherty €860, AJ &JA Lucas €650, €620 and PJ McMonagle €620.

Second Sale

Mr Patrick McVerry from Newry was our judge on the night, and he chose a strong ram lamb from Andrew Wilson as his Champion which later sold for €1450. Reserve Champion went to Robert Tait’s ram lamb. The pairs was won by Robert Tait . Other leading prices were €1320 for a strong ram lamb from the Wilsons, and JA Doherty received €910 for a January born ram lamb.

Third Sale

Lesley liggett from the Carony flock judged our third sale ,and his Champion on the night went to Tommy Cavanagh’s ram lamb, and in Reserve was Martin McDermott’s strong ram lamb. Leading prices on the night were €720-R Tait, €680- M McDermott, €650 -R Wilson.

Fourth Sale

Our last sale was judged by club member JJ Doherty, and he chose a January born lamb from Richard Wilson as his Champion, with Reserve going to Martin McDermotts ram lamb. Leading prices on the night were €520- M McDermott, €480 – AJ&JA Lucas and €480 – R Tait. Many thanks to all our customers and Sponsors throughout the year.

Club Reports – Donegal 2018

Another fantastic  year  for Donegal Suffolk Breeders, with sheep from our club members exported to Belguim ,France, Spain and Portugal and the Uk, which reiterates the quality of Suffolks in Donegal.

NSC Kilkenny

Our sole representative Seamus Browne had a successful day after making the long journey South, with the Errigal flock winning 2nd prize ram lamb,2nd prize ewe lamb and Reserve Male Champion.

Scottish Premier

At the Scottish Premier sale in Stirling, Andrew Wilson’s Castleisle flock enjoyed a strong days selling with his 5 ram lambs av £3255, selling to a top of £ 7000gns, whilst at the Dark Diamonds in lamb sale in the Autumn. Andrew achieved the top price of £7,000gns selling to S Cobbald.

Irish Premier

At the Irish Premier Sale in Roscrea, Donegal Breeders were once again dominant throughout, winning all the major prizes, and achieving a remarkable 10 out of the 11 top prices on the day.

A huge congratulations to AJ&JA Lucas Finn Vale flock on winning the much coveted Surpreme Champion with their excellent ram lamb selling for €2000gns to the judge Mr James Rooney.           

Seamus Brownes  Errigal flock also enjoyed a successful days trading with his Res Champion selling for €2800gns. Seamus also received the days top price of €4200 selling to Patrick Donnellys  Donhro flock.  

Wm J &R Wilson’s Shannagh flock enjoyed a steady days trade with his 1st prize winning Group of Three selling at € 2050, €2050 and €1400gns. John A Dohertys  Malinhead  flock were also in the prices selling at €2600 and €3000gns to the Ballynacannon and Forkins flocks.  Carndonagh breeder Tommy Cavanagh received €2000gns for his best selling to the Cairness/Limestone flocks. J&R Thornton ‘s ram lamb won the strongly contested Novice flock.

Raphoe Premier

Our local Premier sale was judged by Elizabeth Gould,Ringsend, and she chose Andrew wilson’s strong ram lamb as her Champion, this lamb later sold for €1100gns.Reserve Champion on the night went to John A Dohertys ram lamb which sold for €690gns.1st in the pairs was also won by the Doherty’s. Seamus Browne received €780gns and €620 for 2 ram lambs.

Second Sale

Mr Philip Gurnney from the Oakbridge flock was our judge, and he chose his Champion from John A Dohertys  Malinhead flock which later sold for €660gns, with Reserve going to a lamb from Seamus Brownes  Errigal  flock which sold for €670gns .Seamus also won the pairs class, and received €670gns for another  lamb. Other prices on the night were €750,€780gns from J A Dohertys 2nd prize pair.

Third Sale

Mr William Tait from the Burnview flock judged our 3rd sale and he chose a lamb from J A Dohertys Malinhead flock as his Champion, this lamb later sold for €660gns.Res Champion went to a strong ram lamb from Robert Taits Bawn flock which sold for the top price of €800gns. 1st in the pairs also went to Robert Tait.

Fourth Sale

Our final sale was judged by club member Mr PJ McMonagle who awarded the Champion and Reserve to two excellent ram lambs from Robert Taits Bawn flock, with Robert’s Res Champion selling at € 550gns. Commercial buyers were more selective, with strong tight skinned, and good carcased lambs selling well.

Many thanks to all our sponsors throughout the year.